Four years after the first team of astronauts landed on Mars, a major breakthrough shakes the grounds of the scientific world: life has been discovered in MarsDanae, as they call it, it’s a fungus with incredible properties, as it produces oxygen and behaves like a liquid, being able to transform into a yellow-ish fog.    

The ISA decides to send a second mission to Mars, where astronauts Yun and Lupe are sent off to gather samples of Danae and bring them back to earth for further study. What Lupe and Yun don’t know is that the team of the M-LISA program haven’t been exactly getting along. This a dark story of introspection, secrets, power and greed but also an ode to friendship and support, arising in the darkest times.  

There are two different narratives, one for each of the main characters and both running in parallel to each other. You will have to make a first decision that will determine the kind of story you are going to read: Do you want to follow Yun or Lupe? 

Your choices matter and will determine their future and shape their relationship.  


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Nice! But I got an error when clicking on the first "stage" after the Title.

Hi there! Thanks for trying our demo :) The rest of the comic is still under development, that's why you couldn't navigate to the next stage of the comic book. We hope to have a complete version of it by the beginning of 2019. Please follow us so you can be updated about the progress :) (We're more active on twitter actually @mars_oddity!)